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Washroom Rentals

What We Do?

Primetime Washroom Rentals is the leader in providing luxury, clean, and reliable service for mobile washroom rentals. Serving businesses and special events throughout the lower mainland. Get the upscale comfort when its your time.
All of our portable restroom trailers are designed with two people in mind, the owner and their customer. For you, the owner, we build a portable restroom that is easy to set up, easy to keep clean, and easy to keep for a long time.

Luxury Washroom Rentals Squamish BC

all the units come equipped with heat and AC

High Quality and Low Price with Affordable Advantage Primetime Rentals

No matter what the investment may be. That’s why we’ve dreamed up a new line of Washroom Rentals!

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Services We Provide


TV & Film Productions

Special Events


Commercial or Industrial

Long or Short Term

We are excited to offer
elegant, modern, and well-designed

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